What we do

There are hundreds of dating sites out there, wouldn't it be easier if you could do dating from the ones you use the most? Most of us don't have time in the day to maintain an online dating persona on so many different sites. Leave it up to us, and we'll bring the matches to you!

We take out adverts on Facebook to help you find love in a unique way. The difference being that these adverts are targeted on location, interest, gender, relationship status, education, age and anything else you can think of! You could even appear on Kim Kardashian's computer if you share the same interests - you don't get that kind of potential access anywhere else!


Why We're Better

Service Reachable Audience Price
Lovebook 1.2bn $15
Match.com 22m $30
Plenty of Fish 76m $35


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Our Story

A few months ago a close friend was pretty upset about his love life. We watched as he desperately tried a variety of dating applications to find love, with no luck. It was then that we decided to go about solving this problem the right way. We advertised him for who he was, across all the sites he already used, with like-minded people only. The best bit? He didn't need to create a new profile.

We put out a variety of adverts accross a number of platforms, all targeted with location, expereince and mutal interests in mind. Within 3 hours and a budget of 20 pounds, Marco had over 100 leads. Within a week, he was going on a second date and 3 months down the line he is still with Sarah.

Go Marco!

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